My name is Maple, and I'm a full time freelance artist specialising in Twitch graphics.

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Stream Graphics

Please read my terms and conditions prior to ordering. All payments are in USD through PaypalPremade stream graphics and limited time commission types can be found at my Ko-Fi store!


1 for $25
3 for $65
5 for $100

Animated emotes

Animation for a preexisting emote is $35 per emote.These prices can increase slightly depending on the complexity of the animation.


Unique Designs
1 for $10
6 for $55
1 for $10
+5 each after


1 for $30

Animated Assets

Base price starts at $35 for the animation, this does not include the price of the piece being animated


Basic banners with simple pattern with a character start at $50Banners with complex backgrounds and extra characters start at $65 and can increase based on details


Title panels
1 for $6
6 for $30
Complex panels
1 for $20
5 for $70
7 for $90


1 for $70
This includes print set up and merch rights


Custom Overlays can vary in price, please contact me for a quote!
I can do custom Starting Soon, Be Right Back, Chatting and Ending overlays. As well as custom webcam borders, custom alerts and anything else you can think of!
These can all be animated or static.

Limited Time Overlay Bundle Pack
$100 (Static) or $135 (Animated)
Includes custom chatting screen, chatbox, webcam border, and a screen for starting soon, be right back and ending.
These will all be in the same theme and style as a bundle.

Custom overlay done for Jenkitsu, this included an animated overlay border, logo, chatbox and just chatting screen.


Simple few frame animated alerts start at $45Complex animated alerts start at $75

Sample to be added!


Please read my terms and conditions prior to ordering. All payments are in USD through Paypal


Starts at $65 and can increase based on complexity

Merch designs

Emotes being remade for print are $55 eachAny other merch designs please inquire

Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions of commission purchase.All prices are in USD and payment must be received in full before commission starts.These are non-commercial, personal use only unless stated otherwise. As in don't make merchandise off these designs unless we've talked regarding royalties/buying the rights.Refunds on commissions are not provided unless I personally cancel the commission.Rush Orders are permitted however incur a 50% cost increase of the commission's price. Rush orders are put to the top of the list and finished before any other previous orders.300DPI transparent PNG files will be provided. Resolution will change depending on the item ordered.The stages of commissions go as follows;Sketch
Line art
Shading / lighting
The client will be required to approve of the design at each stage. Once a stage is approved changes to said stage may incur additional costs. Please keep this in mind when accepting a design stage! Unlimited revisions are available however. Meaning a client may request changes to the designs throughout the commissions progress.These stages still apply to commissions that are streamed on my Twitch channel. A client may choose to waive the requirement for approval on each stage if desired. This can increase the speed of the commissions production phase. However they must understand this means they may incur costs for changes if they are unhappy with aspects of the final product.Commission assets will be delivered via a Google Drive link, this link will navigate to a personal folder where all orders will be uploaded to. This folder will be available for 3 months after the commission's completion date. Please ensure to download your orders and back them up to avoid losing the work you have purchased!A client may ask about the progress of their commission at any time.If any of these terms are confusing or need clarification please contact me directly.By commissioning the artist you agree to these terms of service


To order please contact me here. Any messages sent from here will be sent to my e-mail. Be sure to check you Junk or Spam folder for replies!You can also contact me via DMs on Twitter or Discord @MapleCatArt

Thank you

I look forward to reading your inquiry!
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